Join the HDWY+ Membership to Create Irresistible Offers That Turn Visitors into Customers

Take the stress out of converting visitors into customers so you have the freedom you want and a steady stream of income so you can live the life you desire.

Join the HDWY+ Membership to Create Irresistible Offers That Turn Visitors into Customers

Take the stress out of converting visitors into customers so you have the freedom you want and a steady stream of income so you can live the life you desire.

No Sales. No Business

The system I provide in HDWY+ eliminates the stress of building a website and not knowing why it isn’t converting visitors into customers. By improving your trust factors and messaging, you can create a reliable income stream that scales, which gives your business a tremendous amount of stability.

This approach to business gives you a roadmap for success. You’ll learn how to attract the right visitors and make an irresistible offer that gives them just what they need to solve their problems and pain points.

It’s Just as Easy to Create a High Converting Website As a Poor Performing Site

No business plans to create a poor-performing site, but most web-building resources don’t know how to combine technology with trust signals and great messaging that speaks to the inner needs of your potential customers.

Pretty websites are nice, but your customers respond to the right message

Stop Making Mistakes That Cost You Conversions

What If You Don’t Adapt?

Problems don’t go away just because you ignore them. Those that stay with their old business models find it harder and harder to keep up. The market is changing, and it expects you to anticipate their needs and deliver the right results.

They keep throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks, and they hope that the customers who didn’t buy from them will come back again to buy later.

You and I both know that “hope” is not a business model that brings success and conversions.

That’s Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Build or Improve Your Website

As I mentioned, the market is different now than it was just a few years ago. More people are doing business online, and that’s only going to increase. You have great opportunities ahead of you, but only if you know how to “speak the language” of your customers.

Those who don’t take action will miss out on sales opportunities or even go out of business. The longer you wait to get started, the more sales opportunities you lose!

Hi there, I’m William

I’ve been building websites since 2003 and listening to small business owners for years.

I’m also an IT industry veteran with experience at places like General Mills, Lucent Technologies, Lockheed Martin, and PwC.

Most small businesses don’t have the collective experience and training of large corporate environments, so it’s not surprising they don’t know advanced techniques to implement.

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges you face trying to do everything simultaneously, particularly when you don’t have someone you can trust with a plan to help you reach your goals.

Through all of my experiences, I’ve learned how to teach using everyday language so you won’t get overwhelmed by technology or geek-speak.

William Beem on edge of a desk

Websites Don’t Have to Be Expensive

If you’ve ever hired a professional website developer, you probably learned how expensive they can be for a home-based business just starting. I know because I am one of those developers. My starting rate for a four-page website is over $6,000, and some cost tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s not excessive for small businesses with funding behind them, but it’s out of reach for folks who are trying to bootstrap themselves with a home-based business.

I started hearing from home-based small businesses who wanted to hire me and couldn’t afford my rates. It seemed to crush their dreams because they didn’t have the experience or confidence to build their website. That’s why I started the HDWY+ Membership.

With HDWY+, I’ll teach you my five-stage plan and guide you through everything you need to know to create a high-converting website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a web developer.

With the right framework and a bit of guidance, you can adapt the HDWY+ Conversion Path to virtually any market.

And now, I’d like to share the HDWY+ Membership with you

The challenge with hiring web developers is that they can only serve a portion of your needs. Developers handle the technical and design aspects of your website, but they know nothing of your market or how to make conversions.

I knew I could teach more than a developer could ever provide, so I developed the HDWY+ Membership to encompass all the aspects of creating a high-converting website. If you join us, I’d love to help you, too.

✅ If you want to start a website to sell your products or services

✅ If you have a website and want to increase your conversions

✅ Or if you’re not sure where to get started and need someone with a plan to guide you

So what is the HDWY+ Membership?

The HDWY+ Membership is a 5 stage experience that gives you the clarity and confidence to develop a high-converting website that answers the questions and desires of your target audience so you can grow and scale your business revenue.

HDWY+ Conversion Path

Here’s What You Get inside the HDWY+ Membership

You’ll Discover

  • The importance of trust signals on your website. People won’t buy from a secretive or scammy-looking website when they don’t know who is behind it. Show them who you are and how to communicate with you.
  • How to create a legal business structure. A legal business structure can be an LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, or even a non-profit. Let people know you’re committed to your business by creating a legal business structure.
  • Separating your business from yourself creates all sorts of benefits. It’s easier to get business funding. You get to deduct expenses from your taxes, including any benefits the business offers to employees (gym membership, health club, for example).

That’s why I’ll share…

  • How to create a customer journey that helps you get inside the mind of the people who need your help. With a simple exercise, you can get clarity on what they truly want and how you can serve their needs.
  • With that clarity, you can craft your messaging to speak to all of their psychological needs – internal, external, and philosophical.
  • You’ll learn that you aren’t the hero in this message. You become a trustworthy guide with a plan to address their problems and pain points.

Learn which resources you need to gather before creating your website

  • Choose the right domain name for your business.
  • Get reliable web hosting from a secure vendor to handle the traffic without any errors due to poor resources.
  • Learn which software and email services you need to do business and communicate with your leads to turn them into customers

Assemble your website

  • Create a minimum viable website to get started and build a strong platform for your growth. We’ll show you how to create your pages and posts using an assembly line so you always know what to do.
  • Put your customer journey insights into everything you write on your website so you’re always speaking to your leads in a manner that relates well to their motivations.
  • We’ll show you how to create a compelling lead magnet and create an email form to capture leads from those who aren’t ready to buy right away,

Drive traffic to your site and convert them

  • Build an audience on social media or other sources and serve them with useful information related to your product or service. Offer your lead magnet and get them to your website and on your email list.
  • Learn how to build a compelling nurture list to keep them engaged and to keep your brand name on their mind week after week.
  • Follow-up with relevant offers that solve their problems and pain points.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to those five stages of training, there are a few of other elements to the HDWY+ Membership

  • Bi-monthly Member Calls where you get to ask me questions and discuss issues to get clarity on specific problems or issues you need to solve. I normally charge $400/hour for consultation calls, and you get this included with the membership.
  • A member directory to help you find others in your business niche so you can connect and collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs.
  • 3-day FREE trial before billing. Try before you buy.

You Do Have Options, But
Only One Makes Sense

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn about growing your business, from applying to schools and trying to get your MBA (at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) to consulting (often at tens of thousands a day) to the school of hard-knocks and trying to figure everything out on your own (which can cost you more than both of those things combined).

I mean, you could do all of those things that cost you a lot of TIME and MONEY, but imagine if you could just learn from an experienced person with a plan to guide you for a whole lot less wasted time and a WHOLE lot less money.

You know, I understand that you may have been burned by flashy promises before,
but I want you to know this. . . that is not who I am.

I pride myself on my reputation, and it’s the reason I have been in this industry since 2003. It must be the Eagle Scout in me. That’s why I want you to know that there are no long-term commitments. You can cancel at any time and keep access until the end of your current billing period – whether you selected a monthly or annual plan. It’s your choice.

I stand firmly behind everything that I offer in my business. And the same goes for your investment in this course.

You also get an option to register for a year and receive TWO months FREE vs. the monthly option.

So Let’s Recap . . . Here’s What You Get With The HDWY+ Membership

The Core Content of all Five Stages

You’ll get access to the HDWY+ Membership and the Core Content training modules for each of the five stages of creating a high-converting website. This is your blueprint for success…even if you’re starting out and don’t have a website yet.

$297 Value

Bi-monthly Member Calls

Twice each month, we have member calls so you can ask questions, get answers, and get clarity on the next step for your conversion path. You can still submit questions in advance if you can’t make the call and I’ll answer them so you can find them on the replay. You’re going to love the video search feature we use to find your answers.

$297 Value

Website Conversion Academy (Annual Plan Only)

If you subscribe for the annual membership plan, we’ll include our Website Conversion Academy course to get you started from scratch to build your business, marketing plan, and website.

$297 Value

WordPress Site Performance

Keep your WordPress site running at peak performance to improve your SEO rankings and user experience. This video course shows you exactly which factors affect performance, demonstrates tools to speed up your WordPress site, and shows you how to use metric tools to measure your performance and discover anything causing poor performance so you can fix it.

$47 Value

Crafting an Effective Sales Page

Struggling with what to write on your sales page? With this bonus, you’ll learn how to structure your sales page and what to discuss, section by section, to guide your prospects to earn their business by telling them how your offer solves their problem.

$47 Value

More Lasting Benefits and Value

  • Your membership fee never increases as long as you remain a member in good standing. The membership price may increase later, but your price gets locked in and remains the same. So as the membership grows, you get more value for your money.
  • You receive any additional bonuses that get added later. From time to time, I’ll add other bonuses to increase the value of the HDWY+ Membership based on member feedback. You get access to each new bonus.

Total Value: $985 USD

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I Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

The HDWY+ Membership is a program that will help you to create far more leverage in your business and in your life. So if you want to transform your website into a high-converting asset, then I invite you to say “yes”. Yes to more leverage. Yes to recurring revenue. Yes to a greater impact for your audience.

I look forward to being your guide along the way.
Click the button below and register now. I’ll see you inside the program.