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Take charge of your photographic workflow with Aperture - Apple's digital asset manager. When you think about it, workflow is a process to manage data. I've spent years creating data systems and I'll show you how to develop a simple process that breaks down complex decisions into simple choices. Best of all, you aren't using my criteria to make those choices - you decide what's most important.

Why You Need this eBook & Video

At first, you may not feel like you need an expensive program. iPhoto is free on the Mac and other programs will hold your photos. In fact, why do you even need a program when you can just put them in a Folder or Directory? Time passes. You add more photos and your collection grows. It’s still manageable, though, because you’re really only paying attention to your newest photos as you download them from your camera to your computer. Then, one day, you discover a need to go back and look at those old photos. Maybe a family member wants a photo you took, or you want to create an online portfolio to share with your new community of friends. Maybe you’ve reached a point where your photography is good enough to take on clients or shoot events. The old system of dumping images into folders just isn’t viable.

You need a process to cut through all of the photos you've taken to find the one that you want. Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture shows you how to use a process to organize your photos and digital assets so you can find the item you need.  Fast.  Easy.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Understand Aperture's tools and how to use them to organize your photos and other digital assets
  • How to create a good workflow environment with your storage and backup strategies
  • How to create presets that do most of the work for you as you import your photos
  • Simplify your review process to make it fast & easy to spot your best photos
  • How to make the most of metadata to find the images you want
  • Learn how to build a library once that you can re-use many times over again

Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture doesn't just show you what tools exist in Aperture. You'll learn how to use these tools as part of a comprehensive workflow that you can build to simplify your workflow, yet remain flexible enough to use any criteria you want to organize and retriever your photos.

Bonus Video Edition

This edition contains the same eBook already offered by Suburbia Press and adds nearly an hour of video training in 1080p resolution to demonstrate the concepts in Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture. You'll see exactly how to perform all the steps involved in the workflow and understand the logic behind each component. It's a quick and easy way to understand how to improve your workflow and have the eBook for reference.

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