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    "With this simple but effective checklist, you have a guide to start building and enhancing your WordPress website."

    William Beem

    Suburbia Press

    What you get:

    You’ll learn how to choose the right web host resources, how to configure WordPress, which plugins you need, a place to document important details about the site, and a maintenance schedule to keep it running smoothly

    What is it all about?

    A lot of new entrepreneurs know they want to grow their business with a website, but the whole process seems overwhelming and confusing.

    I get it.

    There’s a whole lot of noise in the online world the latest trend.

    It’s hard to make sense of all the disjointed advice…

    Until now.

    My name is William Beem and I’m a huge WordPress geek.

    I’ve developed dozens of WordPress sites for myself and a few hundred for clients.

    With that experience, I created a checklist to help you get the website built quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

    Instead of just giving you a piece of the puzzle and hoping you figure out the rest…

    I’m giving you the whole thing (for free).