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Which type of online business is right for you?

There are several ways to teach what you know, including online courses and membership sites.

Are you a writer, photographer or artist? If you're a creative person, you can build an online business to market your products.

Are you a coach? You can build an online business to market your services, arrange meetings and provide support for your clients.

Building an online presence is a great way to be an affiliate for digital products, or to showcase the physical products that you sell online.

That's OK. In fact, it's good to gather information before you dive into an online business. We'll help you understand the issues you face as an online entrepreneur so you're prepared when you decide which path is right for you.

Meet Your Host

William Beem

HI, I'm William Beem. I bought my first domain in 2002 and successfully launched several sites and businesses since then. It wasn't without mistakes and hard lessons. That's why I'm here to help you avoid those mistakes and launch your online business as quickly and successfully as possible.

You can start your online business in a number of ways, but I believe that WordPress serves as the best foundation to give you options and control for your brand and business. That's what I teach here on Suburbia Press.

William Beem