Congratulations! You’re taking the first step to planning and building your online business. That’s worth celebrating, so give yourself credit for having a great idea and the willingness to pursue it. That’s more than most people ever do.

We created Suburbia Press to help people just like you. Online entrepreneurs who know the business they want to start, but aren’t quite as sure about the technology to build an online platform. Our mission is to help people just like you build the platform that powers their online business.

Many entrepreneurs passionately understand the business they want to start. They understand the audience they want to serve.

Yet there’s unclear and sometimes fearful, of the technology that makes their business a reality.

Our goal is to help those online entrepreneurs build a system that supports their needs so they can serve their audience.

We’re going to look at five key components of structure you need to understand for your online business. We’ll talk about the role that each element plays and the issues you need to consider in each area.