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Are You Supporting Your WordPress Site for Business?

If you landed here, you’re probably an entrepreneur or have an idea for launching a business online, but you need a website that converts visitors into leads and customers.

You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to create and maintain a WordPress website, attract the right audience, and help them succeed with their customer journey.

Why Does Suburbia Press Exist?

We provide education and support for entrepreneurs who are building and maintaining their WordPress website.

It all started by doing things for myself

I started developing websites in the late 1990s for business and personal use. During my career in information technology, I built many systems for different employers and clients. Building websites on my own came about so I could put my work talents to use for my ideas and hobbies.

Things were miserable back then, too. WordPress didn’t exist, and websites looked like ugly classified pages—lots of flashy colors.

Suburbia Press was originally a place to sell my photography ebooks and courses. Over the years, I migrated that business back to my photography site and left Suburbia Press to wait for another purpose.

My “Aha” moment

I took a course on creating a membership business a few years ago. The plan was to create a portrait photography membership. While I was taking the course, I found the same problem coming up over and over again from other students.

How do I handle the tech?

I realized there was a business opportunity to help these folks who didn’t know how to build a website to run their courses, membership, or coaching business. I thought my IT and website developer experience could help them. That’s why I have lists of articles and recommendations for some products to help these business owners know which tools to choose and why.

After doing that, the “aha” moment came about. It’s not just that these business owners don’t know what tech to choose and build for themselves. They don’t have a trusted resource to help them figure it out.

Many people online want to offer helpful tidbits. Sadly, they’re often wrong and create more problems than solutions.

That’s when Suburbia Press became an educational and support resource. We have a course to teach beginners exactly what they need to know to build a business website using WordPress – step by step.

For those who already have a WordPress site, we have a membership that provides ongoing support by offering more training and answering your questions about specific issues affecting your business.

About Suburbia Press | William Beem

Why Trust Suburbia Press to Build a Website of Your Dreams?

Hi, I’m William Beem. I’m a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with four decades of experience in IT and building online systems. That means I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned how to fix them, so I can help you avoid problems when you get started.

I’ve worked for organizations like PwC, Lockheed Martin, AT&T and General Mills, as well as many consulting clients. I’ll bring the experience I learned working for these places to help your organization build the platform that powers your business.