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BOMU: How to Get FREE Training for Marketing

I want to introduce you to BADA$$ Online Marketing University (BOMU) free training for online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Check out the video below or read the article.

What is BOMU?

BOMU is an acronym that stands for BADA$$ Online Marketing University. It’s a collection of free training for online marketers and entrepreneurs. The courses currently include:

  • Online Marketing Foundations
  • Online Legal Foundations
  • Online Financial Foundations
  • Bada$$ Messaging
  • Bada$$ Email Marketing

Each of these courses features several modules and several lessons within each module. You get video lessons in 1080P quality, and you can also access audio lessons to use on your mobile device.

BOMU plans to have additional courses added, including:

  • Bada$$ List Building
  • Bada$$ Content Marketing
  • Bada$$ Social Media
  • Bada$$ Product Creation
  • Bada$$ Sales Pages
  • Bada$$ Beta Launching
  • Bada$$ Websites
  • Bada$$ Inbound Marketing
  • Bada$$Copywriting
  • Bada$$ Branding
  • Bada$$Storytelling

All of the courses are free of charge, but there is a final exam to ensure you understand the concepts taught in the course.

Completing a course earns you “billions” of Owl Points. Earn enough points and you can unlock other courses. So while you don’t pay for the courses, the system encourages you to complete the final exam so you can access other courses.

Learning about business fundamentals helps you protect your business and use marketing techniques to generate traffic to your website.

Why is BOMU Free Training FREE?

BOMU, or BADA$$ Online Marketing University, is the child of Bobby Klinck and his team. Bobby is a Harvard-educated lawyer who got into the online marketing field by providing legal templates and answering questions from entrepreneurs.

Click here to get a FREE Privacy Policy template from Bobby Klinck.

Bobby adopted a philosophy he calls radical giving. The idea is that giving freely to those who need is often its own reward, and it’s also good for business. BOMU is Bobby’s gift to the online entrepreneur community that helped him build his successful business.

Bada$$ Email Marketing

He previously sold the Bada$$Email Marketing course for about $1,000. I was in the first group who got access to the course when it was a bonus to buy into his membership community.

You can imagine that people who paid for this course weren’t initially pleased to find it given away for free, but Bobby provided some personal training sessions to his customers to provide unexpected value for their purchase.

Now Bada$$Email Marketing joins other free training courses in BOMU to help bring small businesses up to speed with relevant and impactful training.

Is BOMU Free Training Any Good?

Short answer, yes!

I wouldn’t bother telling you about it if I thought the courses were full of fluff. As a paying customer, I got value for my money. Now you can get the same valuable course that I got for free, as well as more courses on different aspects of marketing education.

BOMU Free Training Email Course
BOMU Free Training Email Course

This is a look inside one of the BOMU free training courses about email marketing. You can see it’s divided into seven modules, each with different lessons inside.

There’s a brief description of each lesson. Within the lessons, you can download the slides and a transcript of the audio portion of the course.

Under the Extra Resources & Tools, there’s a search feature that allows you to enter a term or phrase used within the course. You’ll get a list of results from the transcript with your phrase highlighted. Click on those highlights, and the video player will take you directly to the video where your search phrase was mentioned.

It’s a great way to follow up to find information that you “sort of” remember but need to review to make sure you can listen again.

Click here to get a PDF Syllabus of Bada$$ Email Marketing.

BOMU Free Training Offers Transformative Results

Let’s face it. Nobody wants training. What they want are the results that come through the process of education so they can improve their performance or achieve a result that they didn’t know how to obtain before the course.

That’s called Transformation.

You start in one spot, go through the process, and come out in a better spot. Any course that isn’t transformative isn’t worth your time, even if it’s free training.

BOMU is transformative.

I started with the Bada$$ Email Marketing course, which teaches you how to communicate with people on your email list. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The purpose of email
  • How to organize your email list
  • How to find your own voice when you write emails
  • What kind of email to send first to a new subscriber
  • What a Nurture sequence is and how to create one
  • What a Welcome sequence is and how to make your own
  • What to send in your Weekly emails and how to come up with ideas
  • How to create a Promo sequence for your offers
  • How to learn from people who don’t buy from you
  • When to create a Down-Sell offer

During the Bada$$ Email Marketing course, you’re really learning two things that are important to engaging your audience and developing a marketing engine for your offers.

You learn how to tell short stories

Many marketers make mistakes with their email lists. There’s a time to nurture, and there’s a time to sell. When you nurture your audience, you need to give them a reason to want to open your emails.

The best way to do that is to engage with short stories. This isn’t a time for your Magnum Opus tale. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

However, people love stories. We just don’t have much time for them. So you don’t need some big, epic tale. As Bobby says:

Think more like Seinfeld, not Game of Thrones

Bobby Klinck

These short stories are opportunities to get into your main topic, but it’s also a time to reveal something about yourself. Little tidbits of knowledge about you help you to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor that enables someone to accept your offer later.

Here’s an example from one of my Nurture emails for subscribers on this site. It’s not the entire email, but it may give you an idea.

Hi William,

Do you know why a bunny hops?

It’s because he’d bust his butt on landing if he could just leap to where he wants to go. I’m sure it’s nice to fly, but you must know you can master the landing.

So bunnies hop along the way because that’s about as much as they can master at a time, and it breaks things up into manageable pieces.

What is a CDN?

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. Here’s what it does and how it can increase performance for your website visitors.

If you have a single server, then visitors all over the world have to travel to your server to see your website. For someone far away, that’s a long hop.

As a result, your site seems slower to people farther away. Slow isn’t good. People reject and leave slow sites.

In this case, I used the opportunity to teach a little bit before I got into the technology discussion. The interesting thing is that your story doesn’t have to relate to your subject. It’s an appetizer. Something to nibble on before you get into the meat.

In other cases, I may use something simple from my past or recent experience. Something like a Seinfeld plot episode. Silly little things that make up a part of my life, which I can then spin into an introduction.

One of Bobby’s examples started with a headline like “Why I Hate Sweet Baby Jesus!

That line got attention. He then went on to discuss his past plans to open his own brewery and why he thinks this particular brand of beer called Sweet Baby Jesus is an abomination.

But hey, my wife actually likes that beer.

You learn to send the right message to the right audience at the right time

Everyone on your email list has at least one thing in common. They’re all on your email list. Otherwise, they may have different interests.

Maybe you’ve already made them an offer, and they become customers. Do you want to send them another offer to make the same purchase again?

Learning how to segment your list is critical to making targeted offers to an audience that wants to hear from you. Also, it helps you nurture people who have a specific interest or need.

Sending bulk broadcasts to everyone ought to be a rare event. In most cases, you need to determine who needs what and send them something relevant and interesting.

That helps your open rates, and it discourages you from wasting your subscriber’s attention span. We all get bombarded with email messages that we actually opted to receive, but how often do we pay close attention to them?

Your emails can get discarded, or you can make them seem like an event that they anticipate. That’s a transformation I paid to get, and now you can get free training from BOMU that shows you how to do it.

How is Bobby’s Presentation Style?

It’s not just the information inside the course that’s important. You need to have it delivered in a manner that works for you.

Bobby’s typical presentation style is a combination of speaking directly to the camera for some introductions and concepts and also using slide presentations for the bulk of the lessons.

You can download the slides, audio, and transcript. If watching Bobby present slides isn’t working for you, then you can learn in a method that suits your needs.

Most of the time, I like watching video lessons. However, there are times when I’d rather read the information than listen to it. Sometimes I just want to review the slide deck. Other times I just want to listen while I’m on the go.

You can also search all of the videos in a course to find the specific information you want, too.

As you can see from the screenshots, you’re not in for one long lecture. Bobby breaks up the courses into pieces so you can either binge-watch or just pick up a piece here and there.

The lessons remain on topic. You don’t get any fluff or old war stories from that time the aliens attacked. Everything in a lesson is relevant to the lesson.

Are the Courses in BOMU Useful?

I’ve mentioned my experiences with Bada$$ Email Marketing so far, and the results are very useful to me. When it’s time to write an email, I don’t sit and wonder what I’m going to say or who should get the email.

Instead, I have a new problem. Which of the many ideas in my head do I use for this email?

At first, I wobbled a bit with the topics I’d use for my storytelling messages. Some were off target for my audience, others were getting longer than I needed.

After writing a few messages, I found the right rhythm for my audience and also for my personality.

Most importantly, I’m getting good feedback from my audience. They love my emails and want more. That tells me that I’m engaging with people on the right level.

That’s not only useful for me, but also for my subscribers. I’m not always hitting them with a hard sell that’s easy for them to ignore. Hopefully, I’m not boring them to death, either.

Most importantly, my email open rate is much better. That means my message is getting out there because people actually want to know what I have to say.

So, yeah. It’s useful.

While I’ve spoken mostly about email marketing, the other lessons that provide Marketing Foundation, Legal Foundation, and Financial Foundation are equally critical.

Doing business is about much more than what your business is about.

I have a background in photography and see many photographers make this mistake. They think their business is about taking photos. That’s probably 10% of what they need to do.

Like other businesses, photographers need to establish their brand, develop contracts to define their services, and protect both sides. They also need to manage their money.

BOMU free training provides the foundation for all of those issues and more.

Is the BOMU Site Decent?

Have you ever visited one of those cheesy free training sites that are full of ads, perform slowly, and are just difficult to use?

That’s not the case when you use the BOMU free training site.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are no ads. Bobby isn’t putting out the free training and trying to monetize the site with ads that distract you from the lessons.

The video lessons get hosted on Searchie, which is the same service I use. Not only is it a great video hosting platform with reliable uptime service, but it’s also what allows BOMU to search the videos, generate transcripts and extract the audio.

The site itself runs on WordPress, which powers about 40% of the sites on the Internet. He previously used Kartra. While it was functional, I’m not a big fan of that system.

I’m guessing it limited some of Bobby’s needs also. That’s why he invested in a team to design and develop BOMU free training on a robust WordPress platform.

There’s No Reason to NOT Use BOMU Free Training

We live in a world where starting your own business online is prevalent and appealing. After decades of corporate life, I realized that things had changed. Instead of having personnel, businesses have human resources.

People aren’t treated with the same courtesy and respect anymore, which is why so many folks realize the opportunities and benefits of starting their own business online.

That’s why Suburbia Press exists. I’m here to help entrepreneurs build a platform online that powers their business. So many people know their line of work, but they don’t know how to build and enhance a website. I can help.

Yet there’s more to doing business online than just having a platform. You need to understand marketing, legal policies, and financial foundations. That’s where BOMU helps.

You can pay thousands of dollars to “gurus” who teach you one thing, or you can check out a professional online university that teaches you the things that you didn’t learn in college and would take years to figure out on your own.

Isn’t that worth a click to see BOMU free training for yourself and potentially boost your business acumen so you can concentrate on what matters most – serving your customers?

Our Pick
BADA$$ Online Marketing University
100% Free

BADA$$ Online Marketing University (BOMU) is a unique collection of online business courses, which are 100% free. The courses cover online marketing foundations, online legal foundations, online financial foundations, branding, business planning, list building, email marketing, and much more!

BADA$$ Online Marketing University was created by Bobby Klinck, a well-known authority on online marketing. His experience and expertise make the BOMU courses the perfect way to learn everything you need to know about successfully marketing your business online.

He believes that marketing should be affordable and accessible to everyone, so they offer these courses for free. Learning how to market your business effectively can be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Enroll for FREE!
We don't earn anything from BOMU, but we think it's a good idea to get educated in online business operations.

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